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Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain and generally inexpensive. The low cost of vinyl flooring is one of the major reasons people choose it, but most are surprised at how durable vinyl is and how easy it is to keep clean. Vinyl flooring is great in bathrooms and kitchens in particular, as cleaning up vinyl is nearly effortless. This is one of the most affordable flooring types and is ideal for high-traffic areas. It's durability and resistance to scratching and denting make it great for kitchen floors, which often need to withstand more abuse than other floors.


In addition to these great benefits, Vinyl Flooring is also some of the most inexpensive floors to both purchase and maintain. Contact Hardwood of Merrick to find out how Vinyl Flooring can be affordable even for people on the tightest budgets. Unlike hardwood flooring and laminates, vinyl doesn't increase the value of your home.


There are more choices in textures and finishes, designs and colors. The vinyl can either be inlaid, where color goes all the way through, or rotogravure, where the color and design is only on the surface. It can come in either sheets or tiles and it can be fairly easy to install. It's very easy to clean and considered to be somewhat durable, depending on the quality of vinyl purchased.


Advantages of Vinyl:

Easy to stand on for long periods

Least expensive of all flooring options

Easily installed

Readily available in a variety of styles


Disadvantages of Vinyl:

Can peel off if not installed properly

Easily stained if not treated and monitored

Low life expectancy for lower end vinyl

Not quite as visually appealing

Lower end tiles can look cheap .