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Hardwood Flooring - few things can enhance the quality of a living space the way hardwood flooring can. It adds charm and warmth to a home.  Whether in a living room, bedroom, or any other room, the many benefits of Hardwood Flooring make it an easy choose for your home flooring needs.


Choice Flooring carries a wide selection of wood floor products and species, of varying types, sizes, and finishes, from many top manufacturers. Hardwood flooring can be classified by the species of the wood and whether it is hardwood or softwood, domestic or exotic (imported), and prefinished or unfinished.  Species are further classified by factors such as: style (strip, parquet, or plank); type (solid or engineered), and size.  Further, natural color of the wood (figuring, cut, grade, and any pre-finishing.


Two more major factors to consider when looking at Hardwood flooring are the hardness of the species and it's dimensional stability under various climactic conditions.


As you can see, choosing the proper Hardwood flooring is not easy and is best done with the assistance of a professional.  That's where Choice Flooring comes in.


What type of wood do you want? Are you interested in a domestic or exotic species? Some can handle humidity better than others; what are the conditions in the room?

What is the thickness and width of the floor you have chosen ? What are the lengths? This could be important if adjoining floor covering at doorways are not properly adjusted for. Some time the pattern of the product you have chosen may not be right for your installation. Always know or have specified the lengths, widths and thickness of the wood floor choice you made.

The most common is with strip or plank, the direction may depend on the sub floor joist (nail down), parquet may be in many patterns and/or designs from simple to intricate cuts and designs. Always request a sample prefinished or unfinished (including final finish type). Every manufacturer has their specific trademark color. Today the naturals (oak and maple) are the most popular. Remember, there will always be some color variation between boards, as each piece may very well be from a different tree.